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Melvin has over 30 years in running multi-million dollars capital intensive food factories including bakeries, canned food, Japanese ...



Having attended high level Food Technology courses, professionally trained Sushi and Sashimi classes and running several sucessful businesses…



We have worked with a customer who has never even cook rice in their life. But after our training, the same customer opened 4 shops within 1 year...

Why use JAS and Sushi Machines

In business, we always look for a winning formula….simple operations, efficient use of resources and consistent results. Using Melvin from JAS Sushi will ensure that you not only get the most suitable sushi machines for your sushi business needs but ground breaking knowledge from an experienced high volume food production man. And the best part is that you don't have to pay for this valuable knowledge. Give him a call on 04 1111 6868 and you will immediate 'hear' the wealth of knowledge he will share with you.

Good on you to have found our website because you would be thrilled at what we have to offer…

Having been in our own sushi business, JAS Sushi, we offer something that no other sushi machine supplier can offer….knowledge, experience, skill and many kitchen improvements for the commercial sushi business. From the time you start discussions with us, you will know the wealth of knowledge we have that are not taught in any sushi school or even university. Our customers will have access "Self - Help" (see above) where valuable information about the Secrets to good sushi production will be shared. We recommend that you don't just buy a sushi machine and then go elsewhere to learn how to make sushi…we will train you ourselves for free….because we believe in "Sushi for Everyone".

Don't follow - lead…. Don't copy - create…. Don't start - finish

by Seth Godin

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